About me

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog where I post all things preppy, lifestyle and overall wellness!



Fun Facts About me:

-I love anything pink, monogramed or that has bows
-I start off everyday with a cup of green tea
-New England is my favorite place
-I can spend hours in Target
-Peonies are my favorite flowers, pink to be exact
-I began ballet at the age of 3 and have been doing it seriously ever since
-I can’t live without my sunglasses
-I’ve been a vegetarian practically my whole life (hoping to go vegan one day)
-I’m a Leo
-I have two younger sisters
-I have a dog named Katie
-I love long bike rides
-Bread is my favorite food group
-I love all things orgainzation! Agendas, sticky notes, planners…
-I used to hate chocolate as a child….lol my life has really changed
-The Great Gatsby will always be my favorite movie
-My roommate and I are literally the same person, follow her @sunflowersandseersucker
-Fall is my favorite time of year
-I’m 100% Charlotte from Sex and the City
-I’m applying for my Masters in Occupational Therapy
-I’m addicted to cookie dough, haven’t gotten¬†salmonella poisoning yet lol
-I love to be active; hiking, biking, ballet, yoga, pilates, skiing
-I can’t go a day without my earrings, particularly my pearls
-I hate running, I’ve tried so many times and it’s just not for me
-I wish I lived in the 20s